Blocked Gutters & Downpipes

Unblocking Gutters and Downpipes

Efficient disposal or collection of stormwater is essential to the maintenance of your property. Broken or cracked stormwater pipes can cause the ground to subside, buildings to shift and walls to crack. Broken roof tiles, leaking or blocked gutters and downpipes can cause water damage to the interior of your property or, after heavy rain, cause extensive damage from flooding.

Install a gutter guard to prevent leaves and other debris from causing the gutter to overflow when it rains. Take the time to regularly check your roof, gutter and downpipes, or book in with us for a regular check and clean of your gutters.

Check your ceilings and walls for watermarks or stains, peeling or bubbling paint. These are signs that water is leaking into your home and needs attention to prevent further damage.

Muir Plumbing Services cleans, repairs and replaces:
  • box gutters and downpipes
  • metal roof and flashings
  • whirly birds and sky lights
  • metal and timber fascia boards
  • cracked or root infested stormwater pipes
  • leaf filled gutters and downpipes
  • installation of gutter guards
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