Hammer noise in your water pipes

Noisy Pipe Problems In Auckland

Faulty plumbing can make an array of sounds, and often it is not music to your ears. One such sound is the “water hammer” racket that noisy pipes produce, you'll commonly hear it when your washing machine turns on and off. Muir Plumbing Services can help with a lasting solution to this and other pipe noise problems.

What exactly is a water hammer? It's basically a loud shudder that you can hear when a water outlet is turned off quickly - with the water pressure still flooding towards the outlet a shock wave is instantly sent backwards through the water line, causing the sound.

With time water hammer can have serious effects on your plumbing system and significantly weaken pipes, valves and pipe joints. If you have a sleeping baby in the house, you don't need to be told how a loud bang every time a tap is used can drive you to distraction.

If you're experiencing this kind of problem in Auckland, then Muir Plumbing Services can help by examining your plumbing system to determine the root of the “water hammer” sounds. It is likely that the problem is due to a missing, poorly-functioning or a flooded contraption known as a water hammer arrestor. They are also referred to as air chambers, air cushions and water capacitors.

The water hammer arrestor is a chamber that is full of air. This chamber is then linked to the plumbing system. The water hammer sound may indicate that water has flooded the water hammer arrestor, or perhaps your plumbing system may not have one at all!

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