Locating water leaks

Burst Pipes & Water Leaks

A burst pipe with gushing water is a common plumbing problem. The solution is to stop the water flow and repair or replace the section of burst pipe.

A more complicated plumbing problem occurs when the location of the water leak is less obvious. Unidentified, buried or enclosed pipe leaks can cause extensive property damage and high costs in water usage. Leaks are usually found to be underground, under concrete and within building structures. Particularly in apartment buildings, the location of the leak may be difficult to determine with the eventual escaping water appearing far away from the cause.

Leaking pipes waste water and cost you money.

Muir Plumbing Services have state-of-the-art technology to locate leaks and help reduce the cost of repairs, by establishing more clearly where the leak is rather than by extensive excavation or demolition. This minimises damage repairing and replacing tiles, concrete paths and driveways etc.

Did you know a dripping tap could waste up to 2,000L of water a month?

Check List for Leaking Taps and Toilets

  • High water bills
  • When all is quiet at night, you can hear a dripping tap
  • Toilet is constantly refilling or leaking into the bowl
  • Bath or basin has water leak stains

Self Check - Leak Detection

  • In the toilet - put food colouring into the toilet tank. Check the toilet bowl after hour. If the colour has leaked into the bowl without flushing then you have a leak.
  • Water meter find a time when no-one is using water for a period of time i.e. overnight or while everyone is out at work, and record the last three digits. Re-check the number and if it has changed, you may have a concealed leak. Call us to check if you have a water leak.
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